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Misty & Angie

A great big thank you for speaking with my parrot Misty she is much better and does not chew her feathers anymore.I do not know what you did but it worked!

Cristina & Gisela

Lauren everything you said about our cat Apache was so right on!
The only thing you knew was his name and we had emailed you a picture of him.
From that you were able to tell us so many things that we knew already and you couldn't have:
- he was chosen over another cat in the litter that we really liked as well;
- he's had stitches;
- he's been told not to go hunting and bring back dead birds and mice (I had told him that if he did not watch out there were bears around and they might get him);
- he thinks my daughter should be an artist and likes her to sing and draw didn't know this and she loves to draw and sing;
- he likes to go outside but says that he knows when to return ** - he had gone missing previously for 3 1/2 weeks ** and a psychic told us he'd be back right around that time!
Anyway, we love you and thank you so much as we now treat him more like another human when we talk to him and want him to do things as he obviously understands what we are conveying!

Shauna & Carol

Hey Lauren wow! what can I say? my huskie is ok now a great big long distance hug from me.She has not tried to run away again and we are all happy!

Shauna & Arin

I tell everyone about our conversation and you have personally changed the way we all look at the horses. My husband has stated nothing leaves this property again it’s too heart breaking to hear them going into dark places and bad owners.
You have changed my life. I love my horses very much and now that I have a means to hear what they have to say when I don't understand - you have such a wonderful gift.
I can't thank you enough and will do this again.

Kim & Peter

Lauren spoke to my horse...I have to say I was sceptic before not anymore! I was surprised to hear the things which my horse knew about and even more surprised to know that he can pass on that message to me. As a result I have become a bit more patient with him and myself, our relationship is very good now. Thanks Lauren.

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